2000 new homes A'dam

Property developers started the construction of almost 2,000 student homes in Amsterdam. This is in line with the city’s schedule to complete work on 9,000 new student residences by next year. 

Alderman Freek Ossel (Ossel/Facebook)

Adding the building projects started before this date, the total number of new independent houses and rooms in student complexes is now 5,000, a 27 percent increase.

President Michiel Stapper of student organization ASVA Studentenunie said that the number is still not high enough, and that it will only be sufficient to accommodate new students. "The shortage will remain, and also the average rent of 470 euro." According to Metro, Alderman Freek Ossel (housing) agrees and said that this will not be the end.

Ossel, of labour party PvdA, was voted the city of Amsterdam's Worst Alderman in 2010 by a panel of 40 residents and political researchers. The panel based their decision, in part, on the housing department which had sent thousands of students letters accusing them of living in an illegal habitat.