homemade explosives

Aug 31 '18 08:05

The police found homemade explosives while searching a house on Söderblomplaats in Rotterdam on Thursday. The house was searched as part of an ongoing investigation, the police said on Twitter.

The explosives consisted of dangerous fireworks, bottles and rods of iron, according to NOS. A police spokesperson told NOS that there are currently no indications that the explosives are linked to terrorism.

The police did not say whether any arrests were made. Defense's explosive removal team removed the explosives and will detonate them elsewhere. 

Homemade bomb found under a car on Kerstroosstraat in Valkenswaard, 29 Dec 2017
Dec 29 '17 16:55

An apparent homemade explosive was discovered under a woman’s car in Valkenswaard on Friday, police said. The bomb, made of several Cobra 6 heavy fireworks and an unknown liquid, was found by the car’s owner, Omroep Brabant stated.

The car owner said he heard glass shattering overnight from Thursday to Friday. “My girlfriend discovered the broken bottles together with the fireworks when she wanted to drive to work on Friday morning, and the fireworks were attached to the bottles,” the owner said.

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Feb 6 '17 07:35

The police found an explosive in a home on Robert Scottstraat in Den Bosch on Sunday night. An Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team was called in and advised that the surrounding homes be evacuated. The residents of four homes spent about an hour and a half taking shelter in a police van before being allowed to return to their homes, NOS reports.

Jan 4 '17 17:55

A bunch of explosives found in Tilburg over New Year's was not intended as fireworks, but as some kind of crime. The 25-year-old man who was arrested at the discovery of the explosives is officially suspected of "preparing for a crime", a spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor said on Tuesday, AD reports.

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