Den Bosch homes evacuated over homemade bomb

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The police found an explosive in a home on Robert Scottstraat in Den Bosch on Sunday night. An Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team was called in and advised that the surrounding homes be evacuated. The residents of four homes spent about an hour and a half taking shelter in a police van before being allowed to return to their homes, NOS reports.

Police officers were searching the home in connection with an ongoing investigation. The resident was arrested a while back and has been in custody since, a spokesperson for the police said to ANP. What crime he is suspected of is unclear.

AD reports that it was a homemade explosive found in the home. Omroep Brabant says it was fireworks that had been tampered with. The EOD initially planned to take the explosive away and set it off somewhere safe, but finally decided to make it safe where it was.