wealth gap

Feb 14 '17 07:36

An increasing number of Dutch children grow up in poverty, according to Defense for Children's report Kinderen in tel 2016. But at the same time, the organization did note a decline in school dropouts and juvenile delinquency, NOS reports.

Mar 8 '16 11:32

Despite the fact that cities are the engine behind the Dutch economy, the wealth gap in cities only increased in Dutch cities over the past years, according to the Netherlands' environmental assessment agency PBL in a report titled "The divided triumph of cities'.

Dec 15 '15 15:30

The top 1 percent richest people in the Netherlands saw their wealth grow by 23 billion euros last year, resulting in them currently holding 28.8 percent of all Dutch assets

Sep 25 '15 10:56

Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher hit out at his party’s coalition partner for “stabbing the middle class in the back,” according to the Volkskrant. The Labour party member serves jointly as the Minister of Social Affairs, and accuses the conservative VVD party of increasing the wealth gap by not doing enough to maintain a middle class.

Aug 21 '15 15:50

The gap between rich and poor is increasing rapidly in European capitals, including in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is number 8 on the list of the most segregated cities in Europe.

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