Dressed for the cold
Jan 6 '17 12:52

Large parts of the Ede neighborhoods of Veldhuizen and Kernhem have been without heating and hot water since early Friday morning. An estimated 2 thousand homes are affected. When the heating will return is unclear, energy provider Nuon wrote on Twitter, the Telegraaf reports. 

May 19 '16 08:26

Two vehicles went up in flames in Arnhem on Wednesday night. The police suspect arson in both cases

May 16 '16 14:30

A car was set on fire on Lunenburg in the Ede neighborhood of Veldhuizen on Monday morning. This is the latest in a series of car fires and other vandalism that plagued the neighborhood in recent weeks.

May 13 '16 15:35

The Ede police warned action group Identitair Verzet to stay out of problem neighborhood Veldhuizen. Neighborhood patrols will not be tolerated there because it will violate the ban on assembly

May 4 '16 09:23

Several cars were set on fire in Ede during the early hours of Wednesday morning - the latest incidents in several days of unrest in the Veldhuizen neighborhood. A group of between 50 and 60 young people, aged between 12 and 22 years, are believed to be responsible for the trouble.

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