Mar 20 '20 08:52

Drugstores in the Netherlands are calling on people to stop buying large quantities of medicines. There is enough for everyone, so only buy what you need, Kruidvat, Etos, DA, DIO, Trekpleister and independent drugstores said in a full-page advertisement published in the national newspapers on Friday.

"In recent days, we have noticed that many consumers are buying more over-the-counter medicines than usual," the drugstores said. "Then it may happen that we have to tell the next customer 'no'."

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May 31 '18 08:51

Lidl Nederland will be the first supermarket to stop selling cigarettes. The chain announced that it will phase out sales until no more cigarettes are sold in Lidl Nederland stores by 2022 at the latest, ANP reports.

According to the supermarket chain, the sales figures for cigarettes declined over the past years and cigarette sales are no longer profitable. But Lidl also took measures to discourage the sale of smoking products, like placing all cigarettes out of sight in stores last year.

Apr 23 '15 17:11

Purchasers of a Smurf-shaped lamp from Kruidvat or Trekpleister are being called to return it to the store. The adapter of the lamp does not match safety requirements. It may short circuit, which may result in an electric shock for the user.

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Sep 11 '13 02:04

Drugstore Chain Trekpleister recalls a shower gel as it contains a bacterium that is potentially dangerous for lung patients.

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