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construction worker
Jun 12 '18 13:00

The demand for migrant workers in the Netherlands is already high and will only increase in the coming years, according to research by SEO Economic Research, commissioned by temporary employment agency ABU. This is especially true in agriculture and horticulture, business services, logistics, wholesale, the food industry and the metal industry, RTL Z reports.

Feb 26 '18 16:50

Temporary employment agencies Randstad and Tempo-Team are sending all their employees on a mandatory anti-discrimination course. The intent is for this course to teach the some 1,500 employees of the agencies to say 'no' if clients ask them to discriminate, a spokesperson for Randstad Nederland, under which Tempo-Team also falls, confirmed to NU.nl.

Call center employees
Jan 30 '18 14:20

Many temp agencies in the Netherlands are happy to discriminate based on ethnicity if their client asks for it, according to research by television program Radar.

For the study, the program called 78 temporary employment agencies in the provincial capitals posing as a call center looking for workers. They asked for no Turks, no Surinamese and no Moroccans, saying that the company had bad experiences with people of these ethnicities in the past.

Jul 10 '13 08:12

Based on a report from the Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies (ABU), the temporary workers’ number of hours dropped by -4% in the first half of this year and sales cut down by -2%.

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