Drop in Short-Term Employment Hours and Sales

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Based on a report from the Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies (ABU), the temporary workers’ number of hours dropped by -4% in the first half of this year and sales  cut down by -2%.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In the medical sector, working hours decreased -21%, a match-up between the first half of this year and in 2012 while total sales fell -19%. Meanwhile, working hours in the technical sector declined to -7% and sales dropped at 5% compared to the previous year.

The industry sector declined -4% in working hours, with -1% reduction in sales income. The administrative sector, however, reported a -3% drop in hours and a -1% plunge in sales earnings.

The working hours of temporary employees declined -5% between May 20 and June 15 this year in contrast to the similar time in 2012 while revenue also dropped -3%.

Source: Staffing Industry