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De Eetclub
May 17 '17 15:35

The Uganda Media Council banned the screening of Dutch film De Eetclub at the Euro-Uganda Film Festival and anywhere else in the country because it "glorifies homosexuality", and features scenes of smoking, drinking and sexual intercourse. The embassy of the Netherlands in Kampala posted the Uganda Media Council's objections on their Facebook page.

Jun 30 '15 16:45

Franciscus "Roy" L. from Tilburg has admitted to being involved in the murder of castle lord Stijn Saelens in Wingene Belgium, Omroep Brabant reports based on reports in Belgian media.

Feb 24 '14 15:55

It seems the otter is making a strong comeback in Randstad.

Feb 14 '14 07:11

An otter, a rare sighting in the Randstad, has been reported recently in Nieuwkoopse Plassen. Its triumphant return was short-lived, however, as a dead otter was found on Wednesday on the A12 near Gouda.

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