specialty beer

Sep 9 '16 11:50

With the dramatically increasing popularity of specialty beers, more and more large breweries are looking to acquire microbreweries. And a number of top Dutch microbreweries are prime candidates for a takeover, Fedor Vogel, editor of Bier! magazine, said

Aug 30 '16 12:20

Dutch beer giant Heineken is in the race to acquire Belgian specialty brewery Bosteels, Belgian business newspaper De Tijt reports based on multiple sources

Jul 19 '16 16:15

While Pilsner is still the drink of choice for Dutch, beer drinkers in the Netherlands are increasingly opting for a specialty beer, according to the National Beer Survey. Four out of five Dutch sometimes order a specialty beer, mostly because they find it tastier, but also because they occasionally like something different

Jun 23 '15 09:49

The number of breweries in the Netherlands is increasing rapidly. For the first time ever, the Netherlands has more breweries than as renowned beer country Belgium.

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