Aug 7 '18 13:40

Selfies of Dutch teenagers posing with their just obtained driver's license are being sold on the dark web to be used for identity fraud, RTL Nieuws reports based on its own research. The broadcaster found "likely hundreds of potential victims".

Supplicating Pilgrim at Masjid Al Haram. Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
Jul 24 '18 16:00

On Monday the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam called on people who make the Hajj, the pilgrimage, to Mecca to take selfies of their trip for a new exhibition, despite the fact that the Saudi authorities banned taking photos and selfies at religious and spiritual places in the country last year, AT5 reports.

The photo ban also applies to the Masjid al-Haram mosque, which is known as a pilgrimage site during Hajj. 

Jul 22 '15 14:20

A flight attendant on a Transavia flight decided to take a selfie with all the passengers on the plane. She posted the photo on Facebook and it has received more than 15 thousand likes so far.

Jun 2 '15 14:20

Five first year students from the Academy of Pop Culture have launched a Facebook page where people can post selfies taken while shaking the hand of a conductor with the hashtag #TreinRespect. With this they hope to get more respect for conductors after the resent series of violence against them.

Leroy Fer selfie
Nov 18 '14 09:10

"This does me an awful lot of pain." said Leroy Fer on RTL Late Night last night in response to the racist comments on the selfie he posted on Twitter of him and eight other players in the Dutch national team.

Nov 18 '14 08:00

The Public Prosecutor has decided to investigate whether the racists comments made on Leroy Fer's selfie is punishable and whether prosecution is possible.

This will be an exploratory investigation. The Public Prosecutor will collect all the facts and examine who posted which comments. A decision on possible prosecution has not yet been made.

Jul 30 '14 14:23

'Stemfies', or making a selfie while in the voting booth, showing the ballot in the picture, should be banned according to the Election Board, as it conflicts with voter freedom and voter secrecy.

Jun 12 '14 07:57

A self-portrait of Rembrandt gifted to the National Trust in England has finally, after years of speculation, been verified as genuine and valued at over €35 million.

Double decker train in Amsterdam
May 1 '14 12:04

ProRail has voiced concerns about a new trend in selfies called the 'rail selfie', in which people take pictures or videos of themselves standing on or next to train tracks, sometimes with an oncoming train in the distance.

Mar 19 '14 12:37

This election may be suffering from low voter-turnout, but that doesn't mean those who didn't vote already didn't have any fun doing it. This year, selfies at the municipal council elections has been officially okayed.

Dec 17 '13 09:31

Dictionary publisher Van Dale said that 'selfie' has been selected as the word of the year in the Netherlands, the NRC reports Tuesday.

Dec 5 '13 12:18

Words that are too cliche, hype and politically hollow may be stricken from the vocabulary, a poll by the Institute for Dutch Lexicology INL has shown. The institute calls on respondents this week to vote away one of 10 words that have been nominated for termination, such as yolo, kids, swag, selfie and papadag.

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