Russian coastguard

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Oct 5 '13 02:43

Russian embassies around the world have received hundreds of thousands of emails from Greenpeace supporters, on behalf of the Arctic Sunrise crew, sailing under Dutch flag. The environmental organization says on its website more than 700,000 people have sent an email.

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Oct 3 '13 00:01

The two Dutch Greenpeace activists, detained in Russia, are charged with piracy. Fourteen of the activists were charged today, all of them with piracy. The other sixteen will hear their charges tomorrow. The maximum sentence for piracy in Russia is fifteen years.

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Sep 24 '13 02:03

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, sailing under Dutch flag, is expected to arrive in the Russian Moermansk on Tuesday. This is reported by Greenpeace and the Russian press Interfax.

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Sep 21 '13 02:08

Greenpeace has not been able to establish any radio contact with the crew of the Arctic Sunrise, since early Thursday evening. The crew of thirty, of which two Dutchmen, are held captive by the Russian coastguard.

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Sep 20 '13 02:17

Greenpeace re-established contact with the Arctic Sunrise and reports their ship that has been taken over by the Russian coastguard, south from Nova Zembla. Among the crew are two Dutch activists.

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