Paleis van Justitite, Arnhem
Dec 8 '15 14:00

An Amsterdam man was found guilty on Tuesday of drugging three gay men, then stealing their debit cards. The court in Arnhem said the thefts were of a "professional and sophisticated manner," and sentenced the "very calculating perpetrator" to a total of ten years in prison after also finding him guilty of robbing eight other men without debilitating them.

Nov 24 '15 13:50

The Public Prosecutor demanded a 16 year prison sentence against a 43 year old man suspected of drugging and then robbing three gay men of their debit cards.

no image
Mar 12 '15 14:48

Two men dressed as police officers robbed an 85-year-old woman of her jewelry after gaining access to her house Thursday morning. One of the two men talked his way into the resident's house in Ridderkerk, Zuid Holland, police say.

Feb 23 '15 08:51

The only recently opened bulletproof clothing store Miguel Caballero on Willemstraat in Eindhoven was robbed at around 21:00 on Friday night. The perpetrators got away with items worth in the tens of thousands of euros, reports.

Dec 22 '14 11:08

An elderly lady's bag was stolen on Adriaan van Bergenstraat in Breda at around 12:45 on Friday afternoon. The bag contained her last money intended for Christmas dinner with her sick husband.

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