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Traffic builds up towards Schiphol's departures, 18 Jan 2018
Jun 12 '19 10:23

Implementing a new road tax that will charge motorists for each kilometer they drive is one of the suggestions the 24 members of the Mobility Alliance made in their Delta Plan Mobility. The 70-page long document contains multiple proposals that should ensure that traffic in the Netherlands can keep moving in the coming years. Other proposals involve constructing more bicycle paths and and so-called transport hubs, NOS reports. 

Apr 23 '18 13:50

Used cars from abroad are more popular than ever in the Netherlands, and that is bad news for the government's climate ambitions, according to car dealers' association RAI. In the first three months of this year, the Dutch imported a record number of over 56 thousand used cars from abroad, ANP reports. 

Nearly a third of these imported used cars were an alternative to purchasing a new car in the Netherlands, according to RAI. On average, used cars emit 12 percent more CO2 than new cars, the association calculated. 

Nov 28 '17 11:00

The D66 in Amsterdam is calling for a regional tolling system on the roads around the Dutch capital. Motorists who want to reach Amsterdam during busy periods like rush hour, must pay an additional tax, according to D66 city councilor Bart Vink. The aim is to keep the city accessible during peak times, the Telegraaf reports.

Nov 24 '17 10:10

The sale of electric cars in the Netherlands will double next year, the RAI Association expects. This is largely thanks to an increasing supply of more affordable models with a larger radius in what they can do, NU.nl reports.

"From 2018 more and more new models of electric cars will be introduced on the market", the organization said on Friday. "This makes it more interesting for a larger group of car owners to opt for an emission-free car."

Sep 23 '16 14:30

The number of less fuel-efficient cars on roads in the Netherlands increased this year, according to industry associations Bovag and Rai Association. The associations attribute the increase almost entirely to the revised policy that removed tax benefits for buying cars, which was implemented on January 1st

Jan 2 '15 12:27

The sales of new cars in the Netherlands fell by 6.9 percent in 2014 to 387,835 new cars sold. This is according to the industry organizations BOVAG, RAI Association and RDC and Central Bureau Mobility Information.

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