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Feb 9 '16 10:44

Dutch copyright association Stichting BREIN is once again targeting Popcorn Time, this time about its web version. A newly developed plugin, called Torrents Time, allows users to illegally stream a movie or episode, without having to download it first

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Nov 25 '15 11:17

Two young Dutch developers were reprimanded after being caught trying to redistribute illegal streaming service Popcorn Time

Oct 27 '15 18:06

Half of all internet traffic using the network from Dutch telecom KPN is to deliver video, the company revealed in its quarterly statement on Tuesday. Roughly 25 percent of traffic comes from YouTube, while 20 percent is from Netflix.

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Oct 21 '15 15:08

The Dutch film distributor, Dutch Filmworks, is planning to go after individual Dutch Popcorn Time users and demand compensation for damages done. Spokesperson for the company Peter de Haan told broadcaster NOS that the intention is to approach users either this year or next. Popcorn Time allows user to watch movies and TV series without paying.

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Oct 20 '15 14:09

Dutch copyright association Stiching Brein’s director Tim Kuik has threatened the users of the illegal movie viewing site Popcorn Time with the possibility of being fined for using the site. Kuik told broadcaster BNR, “It’s totally illegal and viewers are exposing themselves, in principle, to claims from rights holders." Kuik would not be surprised to see fining begin within a month.

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Jan 26 '15 12:15

No other country in the world shows as much interest in Popcorn Time as the Netherlands. In a letter to its shareholders, Netflix states that it is "sobering" that Popcorn Time is almost as popular as Netflix in the Netherlands

Sep 8 '14 13:52

Parties in the Dutch film industry wants to send letters to internet users who download movies from illegal sources, in which they are made aware of their behavior, NOS.nl reports.

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Sep 1 '14 13:55

The illegal streaming service Popcorn Time has 100 thousand active users every day in the Netherlands, Android Planet reports.

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