Piracy app Popcorn Time has 100k Dutch users

The illegal streaming service Popcorn Time has 100 thousand active users every day in the Netherlands, Android Planet reports.

Popcorn Time is installed on approximately 1.3 million Dutch devices in total. This amount increases with about 15 thousand new installations per day.

Popcorn Time allows you to illegally stream movies and series using the torrent protocol. This means that you download a torrent, but you can start watching immediately while the download is still in progress. The interface is very similar to Netflix.

According to a Popcorn Time spokesperson 85 percent of Dutch consumers use the desktop app. There is a noticeable increase in traffic on Sundays, which shows that Sundays are the most popular day for watching movies and series in the Netherlands.

The impressive number of Dutch Popcorn Time users has made the Netherlands one of the top three most active Popcorn Time countries in the world.