Nuclear energy research center in Petten
Oct 31 '18 15:10

The treatment of cancer patients in the Netherlands is in danger due to a lack of medication. This was caused by the after a leak last week. "We've already had to cancel on patients", nuclear physician Marcel Stokkel of the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Hospital in Amsterdam said. It's not yet a life-threatening situation, but it will be if the reactor is shut down for another two weeks, he said to RTL Nieuws.

Nuclear energy research center in Petten
Oct 26 '18 10:50

The High Flux Reactor in Petten, Noord-Holland, was shut down on Thursday after a quantity of contaminated water leaked into a crawl space. According to operator NRG, the reactor was turned off safely and there is no danger to the environment, reports.

The leak has now been fixed. It arose during planned work. The employees who performed the work were checked for radioactive substances, but nothing noteworthy was found.

Sperm whale spotted in the North Sea off the coast of Den Helder, 25 June 2018
Jun 27 '18 10:50

The sperm whale, died a natural death in the same area on Tuesday evening, SOS Dolfijn said on Twitter.

One of the nuclear Petten
Dec 19 '17 15:00

If the government doesn't intervene, the costs for old nuclear power plants in the Netherlands can run up to 400 million euros in the coming years, according to a report by a committee made up of officials from various ministries who looked into the nuclear industry. The officials gave this warning during the formation process of the Rutte III government, NOS reports.

One of the nuclear Petten
Sep 13 '16 08:30

The Dutch authority for nuclear safety and radiation protection ANVS will conduct a number of interviews with the directors, management and employees of NRG - the company that operates the nuclear reactor in Petten. The interviews will concern the possible impact financial problems are having on safety at the reactor, Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen wrote to parliament.

One of the nuclear Petten
Sep 8 '16 12:45

Reports that the nuclear reactor in Petten's safety is not up to standard has Dutch parliamentarians concerned. The PvdA, D66, GroenLinks and SP all want responsible Ministers Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs and Melanie Schultz van Haegen of Infrastructure and environment to order an investigation

Jan 7 '16 07:52

The body of a 76 year old German pilot, whose small plane crashed into the North Sea near Petten on Monday, was found off the coast of Schoorl on Wednesday

Nuclear Reactor
Mar 26 '14 10:49

In Petten, 28 protesters were arrested at a nuclear reactor on Tuesday. They were protesting nuclear power, and were going to block entry to the nuclear plant from several delegates from the Nuclear Security Summit, who were traveling to see the nuclear reactor.

Oct 22 '13 04:54

A third attempt to salvage the cutter Z75, de Zeldenrust, which ran aground at the dam in the sea at Petten, will be done on Tuesday. 

Last Thursday the cutter Zeldenrust hit the stone breakwater after the net got tangled up in the propeller and the ship became unmanageable. The collision with the dam made holes in the hull. The ship made water and ran aground.

Dutch expert salvage company Mammoet was hired to salvage the unfortunate Belgian cutter from Zeebrugge.

One of the nuclear Petten
Jun 5 '13 06:59

The nuclear facility in Petten is going to start up,  after a break of a few months, probably around June 11. From that moment on, the facility will be able to produce medical isotopes again.

In Petten there are two nuclear reactors which are used as research facilities and also for the production of radioactive material for medical purposes. The production is done by the Dutch radio pharmaceutical company, The Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG). The facility in Petten delivers  60% of the demand of medical isotopes in Europe.

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