parking tickets

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Jan 31 '14 12:45

Starting Saturday, parking manager Cition is going to deploy more scan cars to fine illegal parkers. In addition, they are doing away with paper fines, to speed up the process even more.

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Dec 13 '13 04:33

From February 1st there will be no more paper parking tickets in Amsterdam, making it the first capital in the Netherlands to go 100 percent digital, according to the parking administrator.

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Jul 29 '13 04:29

Diplomats who don’t pay their traffic and parking fines should not be able to keep their CD registration. This is a plea of CDA MP Peter Omtzigt and The Hague councilor Cees Flitter (CDA). It is according to the CDA politicians the best solution to force the diplomats to pay their fines, reported the AD.

In 2012, in The Hague, a total of 1095 parking tickets were issued to the holder of a car with CD number plates. In 454 cases only, the penalty was paid. There is still an open amount of 40,000 euro.

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