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Kids raising their hands in class
Jan 23 '20 10:10

Gifted pupils who need extra attention are just as entitled to it as children who struggle to learn, according to the VVD. The party therefore wants schools who asked parents of gifted children for their own contribution for this extra attention, to pay that money back, AD reports.

School bags
Mar 7 '18 09:35

Minister Arie Slob for Primary and Secondary Education finds it unacceptable that children are sometimes excluded from school activities because their parents could not pay a voluntary parental contribution. He wants to make agreements with school organizations to prevent this from happening, NOS reports.

Dec 20 '17 09:25

At least seven pupils at a primary school in Hellevoetsluis were told that they could not attend the Christmas dinner at school tomorrow because their parents did not pay the voluntary parent contribution of 50 euros. The school management of De Wateringe only changed their minds about this after being confronted by newspaper AD.

A spokesperson for the school would not say whether the newspaper made them allow all pupils to attend, instead speaking of the "Christmas spirit", according to AD. The school would give no further comment. 

Sep 5 '16 15:55

Primary schools should limit the voluntary contribution from parents as much as possible so that kids from poorer families don't get disadvantage, education volunteer group Leergeld Nederland said in NOS on Monday.

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