Jul 24 '18 10:20

Last year 29 percent of Dutch employees worked overtime on a regular basis. Overtime work is most common among managers and people with a pedagogic profession - 56 percent and 45 percent respectively regularly work more hours than stated in their contracts, Statistics Netherlands reported on Tuesday. 

Jul 18 '17 12:40

Every year the 7 million employed people in the Netherlands work over 20 billion euros worth of unpaid overtime, according to a study TNO did on behalf of union FNV. On average Dutch employees work three hours of unpaid overtime per week, worth an average of 3,200 euros per employee per year, NU.nl reports. 

Highly educated employees are the most likely to work overtime without pay. Nearly 74 percent indicated that they do just that. Among employees with a lower education, 29 percent work unpaid overtime. 

Feb 1 '17 15:50

The PvdA wants to give employees in the Netherlands the right to be unreachable to their boss and colleagues outside of working hours - no more answering a quick work email during dinner time, if PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher has his way, RTL Nieuws reports.

Nov 25 '16 09:05

Labour laws were violated in the construction of the new United States embassy in Wassenaar, AD reports. Employees structurally had to work overtime and foreign workers did not have the right papers, according to the newspaper. The Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate is investigating.

People who worked on the embassy told the newspaper that they worked up to 60 hours a week, including Saturday.Workers who protested were sent away. Union FNV's safety hotline also received several complaints about safety at the site. 

Aug 30 '16 11:20

About 40 percent of Dutch workers sometimes work at home, according to a report by the Social and Cultural Planning Office. 20 percent work at home at least once a week, compared to 15 percent a decade ago

Jul 25 '16 10:55

Last year the wage costs to companies per hour worked increased by 0.6 percent, compared to 2014, Statistics Netherlands announced on Monday. That is the smallest increase in the past 20 years. The low increase can mainly be attributed to lower employers contributions.

Jun 10 '16 09:40

Firefighters in the Amsterdam-Amstelland corps are planning a protest action for Friday in which no firefighter will work overtime. Negotiations over a better collective bargaining agreement have stalled,

Jan 27 '16 08:53

Secondary school teachers' workload is so high that 9 thousand extra teachers are needed just to get all teachers not working over time, according to a study done by the general education union AOb

Dec 28 '15 08:46

The police rarely act against people lighting fireworks outside the legally permitted lighting times between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. on New Year's Eve, according to figures newspaper AD got from the Central Collection Agency.

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