non-active allowance

Second Chamber
Feb 11 '19 12:10

Over 24 million euros in non-active allowance payments were made to 229 former Dutch politicians over the past six years, the Telegraaf reports based on figures from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations.

Non-active allowance is an allowance paid to former politicians while they're waiting for a new job or their pension benefits to start. Between September 2012 and the end of 2018 a total of 186 former parliamentarians, 18 former Ministers, and 15 former State Secretaries made use of this allowance, according to the newspaper.

Apr 15 '16 13:50

Former parliamentarian Wassila Hachchi resigned from the D66, she and the party announced in a joint statement. Her decision was made in consultation with the party following critique about her sudden departure from Parliament in January to go work on the Hillary Clinton campaign, where she's only done volunteer work so far.

Feb 18 '16 09:33

Wassila Hachchi, the D66 parliamentarian who resigned to go work for American presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, still has not been able to find a paid job in Clinton's campaign. She is handing out flyers as a volunteer

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