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Jun 5 '14 12:15

Investigators have discovered new evidence in the Deventer murder case of 1999. The Volkskrant reports on the basis of information from a confidential report from the investigation.

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May 23 '14 13:38

Hard criminal, Gwenette Martha, was executed in Amstelveen on Thursday evening, the police reports. According to witnesses, he was shot ten to 15 times by three men.

Pim Fortuyn
May 19 '14 14:34

A never before published interview with murdered politician Pim Fortuyn done four days prior to his death 12 years ago, will be shown on the tv-show Altijd Wat (Always Something) on Tuesday. The channel, KRO-NCRV decided at the time not to air the interview, but is doing so now in the days before the European Parliament elections on Thursday.

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Apr 28 '14 16:14

The 31-year old Daphna Beerdsen was found dead in her home in Phnom-Penh, Cambodia on Monday. She was found with stab wounds. Her 18-month old baby was wounded and is now in hospital, the ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms.

Apr 3 '14 08:04

The cabinet will announce next week how much compensation will be offered to the surviving families of three Bosniaks (muslim men) who were sent away from their base Dutchbat in the Bosnian Srebrenica by Dutch militaries in 1995, the ministry of Defense announces.

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