mortar bomb

Mar 5 '18 13:00

A family found multiple explosives while playing hide-and-seek in Park Sonsbeek in Arnhem on Sunday, the Gelderlander reports.

Three PIAT bombs, one mortar bomb and one hand grenade were found near Ronde Weide. The family called the police, who called in the Ministry of Defense's Explosive Ordnance Disposal team. The explosive experts removed the bombs and disposed of them elsewhere.

According to the EOD, park visitors were in no danger. 

Jan 3 '18 13:20

A 39-year-old man killed in a fireworks explosion in Swifterbant on Saturday, was killed by a mortar bomb - a dangerous type of firework that is illegal in the Netherlands, NOS reports.

The police already suspected that the man was killed by illegal fireworks, and investigation revealed that it was a mortar.

The man lit the firework around 3:30 p.m. It exploded almost immediately. "The explosion that happened, became fatal for the man", the police said. 

Lady Justice
Dec 2 '15 13:30

The Public Prosecutor demanded a 2 year prison sentence, six months suspended, against 21 year old Roy L. for throwing a mortar bomb at the police during the Feyenoord riots in Rome in February. One Italian police officer was injured.

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