Feyenoord fan gets jail after lobbing mortar at Rome police

The Public Prosecutor demanded a 2 year prison sentence, six months suspended, against 21 year old Roy L. for throwing a mortar bomb at the police during the Feyenoord riots in Rome in February. One Italian police officer was injured.

L. is suspected of attempted manslaughter, AD reports. According to the Public Prosecutor, the throwing of the explosive was not an impulsive act, but a well prepared attack.

The Prosecutor showed footage of a man wearing a balaclava throwing the mortar at the riot police. L. denies that it was him. He acknowledges that he put on a balaclava during the chaos, but the man in the footage is not him.

The Public Prosecutor demanded community service and a stadium ban lasting until 2018 against other Feyenoord suspects. Nine of the 44 suspects will be allowed to perform community service at Feyenoord to get their ban lifted sooner - in February instead of 2018. This community service involves dozens of hours working either in the club or on the club's community projects.

The Prosecutor would also like to impose an obligation on all suspects that they have to report to a police station in their area shortly before and after any Feyenoord match, whether in the Netherlands or abroad, as long as their stadium ban is in effect.