Jun 9 '16 15:45

American hotel giant Marriott will soon be building two hotels in Amsterdam's Houthavens - a branch of designer hotel Moxy and a Residence Inn, a so-called short stay hotel aimed at business travelers, Het Parool .

Feb 18 '15 19:20

Investigators in Aruba are that American teenager Natalee Holloway was seen with Joran van der Sloot at a Marriott hotel construction site the night she went missing. The former public prosecutor there had previously written off the lead, suggesting it was not credible enough to warrant use of the island's resources.

Jan 9 '15 00:03

The dead body of a missing Norwegian tourist was found floating in an Amsterdam canal Thursday afternoon, police in Amsterdam confirm. Tore Grødem, a 21-year-old man visiting the city, had not been seen since December 19 at about 2 a.m.

Feb 5 '14 09:45

BNR- correspondent Rena Netjes has escaped Egypt. She, together with other journalists, had been placed on a terrorist suspect list, and it was no longer safe for her in Egypt.

Aug 9 '13 08:35

Marriott Hotels will launch its revolutionary meeting spaces at an Amsterdam property to offer stimulating and imaginative working atmospheres to its guests.

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