Mar 16 '15 16:52

A court in Haarlem sentenced Remy D. to 32 months in prison, of which a year is conditional, for internet fraud and money laundering through, Parool reports. Prosecutors were pushing for a five-year sentence, but the court sees more benefit in also treating D. through a mandatory rehabilitation program.

Feb 18 '14 20:08

Visitors of show a growing interest in more expensive merchandise. The site noticed and increase in sales in the car, motorcycle, and boat section.

Feb 8 '14 04:35

Tilburg police arrested two 18-year-old suspects for fraud on Thursday, February 6. The suspects sold fake Samsung Galaxy S4 phones on

Nov 7 '13 00:01

A 43-year-old Hoogeveen resident was sentenced to six months in prison, of which three months conditional, for scamming people on Marktplaats, by the court in Assen. He also gets probation supervision and prohibition.

Aug 1 '13 04:55

The profit of advertising site Marktplaats (Market Place) has for years been kept deliberately low, and therefore hardly had to pay tax, reports Yahoo!News based on requested annual  reports.

The annual reports show that eBay, owner of Marktplaats, has set up a special structure in 2005. That structure has apparently been set up, according to experts, to lower earnings in the Netherlands, so that less (profit) tax has to be paid. Marktplaats avoided in this way to pay a larger amount on tax. The special construction is allowed, by the way.

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