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Mar 19 '15 14:37

Dutch electronics group Philips is planning an initial public offering of its lighting business in 2016, reports Wall Street Journal. This follows the announcement made in September about the company splitting into two and spinning off its lighting branch.

Jan 23 '15 13:16

A massive 730 thousand people visited the Amsterdam light show this year. During the 53 day event, light sculptures of national and international artists were to be seen all through Amsterdam.

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Dec 8 '14 09:24

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has dimmed the lighting in the museum to preserve the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. Some of the artist's works are already fading.

Photo: Phillips Headquarters, Amsterdam
Sep 23 '14 15:54

Dutch electronics giant Philips today announced that they will be streamlining the 120-year-old company, separating its healthcare-lifestyle sector from its historic lighting division. While both companies will continue to use the Philips brand name, the move will incur annual restructuring costs of around 50 million euros and bring potential job losses.

Apr 10 '14 14:59

It looks like something out of a futuristic movie, but that doesn't mean this innovative new idea won't be realized today. A new road-lighting scheme using glow in the dark paint is being tested in The Netherlands.

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Jan 30 '14 11:26

Switching off the lights along highways actually costs more money than it saves, Rijkswaterstaat reveals.

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