Leo Groeneveld

Fireworks debris
Mar 28 '18 08:19

The Dutch government plans to ban firecrackers before the end of the year, in an effort to make New Year's safer. Firework sellers will also be obliged to give their customers safety goggles and stable firing tubes for rockets, RTL Nieuws reports based in information from insiders in The Hague.

Police uniform
Jan 6 '17 11:30

The police will not launch a new investigation into the death of Johan de Lange from Meppel. The 54-year-old man died in hospital three days after a firework exploded in his face over New Year's. According to the police, interviews with witnesses showed that De Lange lit the firework himself and was careless, AD reports. 

De Lange sustained a head injury when a firework he lit himself exploded near his face. It seems that he lit the firework, stepped back and then went closer again when the firework did not go off. It exploded in his face. He died in hospital 3.5 days later.

Dec 27 '16 16:15

Pyrotechnics Netherlands, the sector association for fireworks in the Netherlands, expects that this year will again see a decline in the number of loud bangers sold, and an increase in the number of fancy, pretty fireworks, spokesperson Leo Groeneveld said to the Telegraaf. According to him, consumers are increasingly focused on quality, decorative fireworks.

Dec 23 '16 11:30

The quality of Dutch consumer fireworks seems to be slipping. A quarter of the fireworks tested in 2016 did not meet the safety requirements, according to the Environment and Transport Inspectorate. That is slightly more than in previous years, the Volkskrant reports.

Dec 29 '15 15:25

Fireworks sales across the Netherlands legally began on Tuesday morning, with some stores opening their doors as early as 7 a.m. The sales trend of dramatically loud and explosive fireworks seems to be making way for more decorative pyrotechnics, industry analyst Leo Groeneveld said

Dec 22 '15 08:46

The fireworks industry expects a fall in the sale of fireworks this year, particularly when it comes to bangers, Leo Groeneveld, chairman of the interest association Pyrotechnics Netherlands said

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