Adyen card payment terminal
Jun 14 '18 08:55

Fintech company Adyen had an exciting first day on the Amsterdam stock exchange AEX on Wednesday. The opening price for the Amsterdam based company's shares was 400 euros per share, the introductory price was 240 euros, RTL Z reports.

Adyen card payment terminal
Jun 12 '18 09:00

Amsterdam based fintech company Adyen set the price of its initial public offering at 240 euros per share. That gives the payment service provider a valuation of over 7 billion euros, ANP reports.

Adyen previously offered its shares to selected investors for an indicative price of between 220 euros and 240 euros each. The company is debuting on the Amsterdam stock exchange on Wednesday.

Adyen card payment terminal
Jun 5 '18 14:10

Amsterdam fintech company Adyen will debut on the Amsterdam stock exchange on June 13th under the symbol ADYEN. As of Tuesday, selected investors can already buy shares for a price between 220 and 240 euros. With that, Adyen is valued at between 6.5 billion and 7.1 billion euros. The issue price for normal investors will be announced on June 12th, RTL Nieuws reports.

Adyen card payment terminal
May 24 '18 16:20

Payment service provider Adyen is heading for the Amsterdam stock exchange, the company announced on Thursday. The company, which is valued between 5 and 10 billion euros, will get its first listing in four weeks' time, according to Financieele Dagblad.

Adyen processes payments for thousands of large companies. Its customers include Facebook, Uber, Netflix and eBay, among others. The Amsterdam based company is considered one of the most promising technology companies in Europe, according to NU.nl.

Mar 20 '18 13:10

Hague business bank NIBC offered its three top executives each a bonus of over a million euros if they stay at the bank for four years after it's IPO. The bonus is intended to guarantee the stability and continuity of the bank. Union FNV is furious, NOS reports.

Jun 28 '16 10:36

SNS Bank will remain in Dutch government hands for a while longer. Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem decided to postpone a decision on the bank's IPO until after the elections next year. This means the future of the bank will be in the next government's hands

The Dom Tower in Utrecht
Jun 27 '16 15:10

Dutch provinces are calling on the government for more money to maintain national monuments. Without a realistic budget, many monuments may go lost, according to inter-provincial association IPO

Jun 10 '16 13:05

Insurance firm ASR hit the Amsterdam stock exchange at 19.50 euros per share on Friday. The total valuation thus amounts to over 2.9 billion euros

light bulb
May 3 '16 08:52

Philips' Lighting division is heading to the stock exchange in Amsterdam, the electronics company announced on Tuesday. Philips wants to give its complete attention to health technology and is therefore splitting from the lighting division

ABN Amro
Nov 20 '15 07:52

ABN Amro hits the public market on Friday at 17.75 euros per share, in line with what was expected. Trading starts on Euronext Amsterdam at 9:00 a.m. with the stock symbol of AMS:ABN

no image
Nov 10 '15 15:50

Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem believes that ABN Amro is ready for its Initial Public Offering, which is scheduled for November 20th. Though he does not want to make any prediction on whether or not the Dutch state will be able to recover the 22 billion euros in state aid completely.

Nov 10 '15 08:03

ABN Amro is set to go public on November 20th. Shares will cost between 16 and 20 euros and may eventually bring 18.8 billion euros in for the State.

ABN Amro
Oct 19 '15 16:30

The Dutch bank ABN AMRO has reached a 55 million euro settlement agreement with housing corporation Vestia, just ahead of the company’s jump onto the public stock market through its IPO scheduled for November. The settlement will end the dispute between the two companies over derivative transactions.

ABN Amro
Oct 16 '15 10:02

ABN Amro's IPO could bring in between 17 and 19 billion euros, quite a bit more than the State has claimed so far.

Jul 10 '15 11:56

The Amsterdam flash trader Flow Traders hopes to make about half a billion euros with an IPO on Friday. The company is placing 40 percent of its shares on the market - not because the company needs the capital, but because investment company Summit wants to cash in its 30 percent of the shares

no image
May 22 '15 14:42

The Dutch government has approved the sale of the nationalized bank ABN Amro, taken over by the Netherlands in October 2008 during the global economic crisis. The cabinet gave the go ahead on Friday, according to broadcaster NOS.

no image
May 21 '15 17:02

The Netherlands Council of Ministers is expected to make a decision on whether or not to push forward with a sell-off of state-owned bank ABN Amro, sources inside parliament told newswire ANP. The government was supposed to make a decision about the sale two months ago, but it was sidetracked when the bank's executive board offered themselves a salary hike, causing a public uproar.

May 11 '15 17:45

In the first quarter of 2015, the market value of Dutch companies listed on Amsterdam's stock exchange, Euronext Amsterdam, rose to 735 billion Euros, reports the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Compared to the previous quarter, it grew by 101 billion. This is the largest absolute increase since the last quarter of 1999.

ABN Amro Logo
Apr 22 '15 14:08

ABN Amro executives are concerned about disagreements on asylum seekers between the coalition parties, reports FD based on interviews with top bank employees. The management is afraid that these disagreements may result in fall of the cabinet and delay the bank’s IPO.

no image
Apr 2 '15 16:53

The ABN Amro spin-off unto the public market might happen this year after all as the government continues working to list the bank back on the stock market, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said in his weekly press conference after the Cabinet meeting. He says he still has confidence in the leadership of ABN Amro even after the "climate of unrest" from postponing the IPO decision after recent turmoil surrounding the approval of pay raises of the ABN Amro executive board.

no image
Mar 27 '15 12:33

Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem of Finance has decided to postpone the planned sale of ABN Amro due to the recent turmoil surrounding the salary increases for the bank's executives, De Gelderlander reports. Dijsselbloem previously told the Tweede Kamer that the decision about ABN Amro's IPO would be made before April 1st.

no image
Mar 27 '15 09:32

Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem of Finance will reveal the plans regarding ABN Amro's IPO this morning. It is believed that the national bank will return to the stock market after summer, RTL reports.

ABN Amro and Fortis were nationalized in October 2008 for a sum of over 30 billion euros. The Dutch state has since then recovered some of that through dividends. The IPO is expected to bring in around 15 billion euros. The part that is expected to be placed on the stock market largely consists of ABN Amro's Dutch activities.

no image
Mar 19 '15 14:37

Dutch electronics group Philips is planning an initial public offering of its lighting business in 2016, reports Wall Street Journal. This follows the announcement made in September about the company splitting into two and spinning off its lighting branch.

no image
Feb 19 '15 11:23

ABN Amro wants more protection against possible hostile takeovers on the stock market, De Telegraaf reports.


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