inspectorate SZW

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Apr 14 '16 18:02

A police training course went terribly wrong on Thursday afternoon when a police instructor was shot during an exercise in Elst, Gelderland. The teacher was transported to an area hospital and is in stable condition, a police report stated.

Sep 4 '15 20:26

One person was killed and another wounded when an elevator fell inside a building on the TU/Eindhoven campus. The elevator fell seven stories and trapped both victims, believed to be workers taking part in the building’s renovations, according to Omroep Brabant.

Oct 23 '14 08:25

The Inspectorate Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) announced today that they will be doing an investigation into the working conditions at Ambulance Amsterdam.

Feb 17 '14 16:21

A 56-year-old ship's captain from Leeuwarden was killed on the Maasvlakteweg in the Rotterdam harbor, Sunday afternoon, when a piece of steel fell on the cabin of his barge. His 60-year-old wife and a 45-year-old terminal worker from Ridderkerk were injured.

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