higher pay

May 28 '14 08:14

Cleaners have been able to reach a deal for higher pay after week-long strikes and protests. Part of their new collective labour agreement also states that the first two days of their sick leave will be paid, according to union FNV Bondgenoten. The cleaners are expected to be back at work this evening or Thursday, the NOS reports.

An NS train waiting on the tracks (Photo: TahR78/Wikipedia)
May 5 '14 16:10

Cleaners have been on strike for two weeks, after several smaller actions before that. Employers' organization for cleaning companies, OSB, has invited trade unions for negotiations "to get out of the impasse." The main effect of the strike has been dirty trains.

Apr 18 '14 15:12

Shoppers looking for bread in the North and East of the country came upon empty shelves Friday morning as a small group of drivers are on strike.

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