Health Minister Edith Schippers

Oct 17 '14 10:42

Aid workers who want to go work in Ebola infected areas, can't get any additional insurance due to the high cost of repatriation.

Sep 30 '14 15:47

Minister of Health Edith Schippers said to the Second Chamber that Foppen fish processors, who was involved in an international salmonella outbreak from contaminated salmon in 2012, still has not got their business in order two years later.

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Jun 3 '14 10:16

Health Minister Edith Schippers wants to introduce a new, cheaper health insurance policy that would allow insurers to decide which doctor or care institution the patient should go to.

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Dec 17 '13 10:26

Health Minister Edith Schippers has decided to allow pregnant women to take a new DNA blood test to check whether their child has Down syndrome, the Volkskrant reports citing Reuters.

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