Aug 16 '18 13:10

Twelve Dutch municipalities teamed up with nature organization IVN to plant tiny forests in their towns or cities this autumn. According to IVN, tiny forests make urban areas greener, and contribute to biodiversity and water storage during heavy rainfall, NOS reports.

gas pipeline
Jan 5 '18 09:30

Dutch oil and gas giant NAM warns that gas extraction in Hardenberg and its surrounds can cause subsidence, earthquakes and damages to buildings, De Stentor reports.

The NAM wants to keep extracting gas in the Hardenberg area for thirteen years longer than planned. The chances that these practices will cause ground vibrations are real, according to the company. In worst cases it could cause cracks in the nearby buildings.

Nov 3 '15 10:40

The Hardenberg town hall, designed by architects Branimir Medic and Pero Puljiz of architect firm Cie, has been voted the ugliest building in the Netherlands.

Mar 17 '15 16:40

A suspected drunk driver arrested after a hit-and-run killed a baby and injured a father last Thursday in Lutten, Overijssel, is now held on suspicion of manslaughter.

Mar 13 '15 09:56

The man who killed a baby and injured a father in a hit-and-run in Lutten, Overijssel last night, has turned himself in. He reported to the police station in Hardenberg late last night. The man has been arrested and is currently in custody.

Dec 24 '14 13:36

The Niuewe Veste in Hardenberg will redevelop their lesson schedule based on research that shows that adolescents only become active much later in the day and perform poorly in the morning. Many teens suffer from permanent sleep deprivation. The school expects that the new class schedule will help students get better grades.

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