Haagse Bos

Homeless man caught barbecuing a heron in Haagse Bos, 4 March 2018
Mar 5 '18 17:20

The police arrested a homeless Russian man in the Haagse Bos on Sunday afternoon after he was caught barbecuing an endangered blue heron, the Overbosch police said on Facebook.

Police officers responded to the Haagse Bos after receiving multiple calls about an open fire in the forest. "That is of course not allowed and despite the snow there is a considerable risk that something like that gets out of hand", the police wrote.

Tamias striatusTamia rayé (suisse)Eastern chipmunk
Feb 23 '16 09:36

Last year only two squirrels made use of an expensive flyover bridge, constructed especially for them in The Hague, according to answers The Hague mayor and aldermen gave to questions from councilor Arjen Dubbelaar

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