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Jan 23 '17 09:27

Some 20 percent of Dutch GP's sometimes give free medicine to patients who can not afford the high cost of healthcare, according to a survey AD did among 300 doctors and nearly 400 pharmacists. This usually involves medicine that was leftover from another patient and was supposed to be destroyed. 

Aug 4 '16 10:41

Over the past five years pharmaceutical companies lost out on about 335 million euros in turnover in the Netherlands because Dutch doctors avoid prescribing expensive diabetes medications, according to research by he institute for responsible medication use IVM

Jul 6 '15 14:14

More and more patients suffering from mild mental health problems end up going to a support practice connected to their GP for help, rather than a more expensive specialist.

Jun 16 '15 09:39

General Practitioners are increasingly treating people with serious psychological or psychiatric problems themselves. This is because referral to specialist care often does not work or is very difficult after the budget cuts for mental health.

Apr 20 '15 13:08

Three people were injured in the explosion in an apartment in Heerlen on Monday morning. One of the victims was taken to the hospital in serious condition, the other two were treated by general practitioners, a spokesperson for the Limburg-Zuid fire department said.

Mar 12 '15 10:40

Dutch GPs are back in action against the growing influence of insurers in the healthcare system. Doctors from eight provinces attached their manifesto under the title ‘Everything must change’ next to the entrance to the Department of Health, reports NOS.

Mar 9 '15 12:09

Most house doctors (92 percent) who have signed a contract with health insurers are dissatisfied with the contract. This is according to a survey by the Landelijke Huisartsen Vereniging (LHV), NOS reports.

Aug 13 '14 11:06

Because of the price hike of the mandatory own risk in medical insurance, patients are more often hesitant to have lab research done, get medicine or visit a specialist, Het Parool reports.

Jul 2 '14 10:31

Patients are experiencing difficulties registering with another doctor. According to research from patients' federation NPCF, one in three patients actually succeed in finding a new doctor. Often, the wanted general practitioner will not accept new patients, or the patient lives in the wrong postal code area.

Jun 2 '14 08:40

General Practitioners will be on strike Wednesday afternoon in protest against the impending change in legislation that would see the free choice of doctor disappear from the Health Insurance Law, the Telegraaf reports.

Nov 27 '13 04:35

The ambulance service in Amsterdam is far below par. Patients are at risk, states union FNV Abvakabo.

Oct 25 '13 01:38

The Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ) will disclose the report on the conduct of general practitioner Tromp from Tuitjenhorn to the public after all.

Sep 25 '13 02:39

GPs have almost unanimously accepted the healthcare agreement on Tuesday that was signed this summer. This is announced by the National Association of General Practitioners (LHV).

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