Frank de Grave

Mark Rutte
Mar 20 '17 10:44

VVD leader and current Prime Minister Mark Rutte would like to form a cabinet consisting of his VVD, the CDA and D66, he said on Monday after . "Given the election results", these parties need to take governmental responsibility, he said, but added that "it also depends on what the parties themselves want", reports.

Mar 17 '15 15:50

There have been 675 instances of Dutch Senate members voting on issues that involved a potential conflict of interest, writes Volkskrant. External affiliations of senators are raising concerns about potential compromising of their voting decisions.

May 21 '14 10:01

Young medical specialists are more often opting to practice abroad because they have a hard time finding a job in the Netherlands after completing their study. This is according to research from De Jonge Specialist (The Young Specialist), the organization for medical specialists in training, the NOS reports.