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Sep 11 '19 16:14

Multinational companies which conduct business in the Netherlands will soon be forced to pay taxes on their profits, instead of creatively using an accounting loophole to avoid tax liabilities in the country. The ruling Dutch cabinet, led by third-term Prime Minister Mark Rutte, has reportedly agreed to back an initiative from the left wing opposition parties, according to broadcaster NOS and newspaper AD, both citing unnamed sources.

May 11 '16 13:10

The municipality of Amsterdam closed 2015 with a positive financial result of 27 million euros, according to the annual financial statements the mayor and aldermen presented on Wednesday. The municipality attributes the positive results partly to the improving economy and the city's growth

Aug 4 '15 14:29

A third of the jobs in Amsterdam is provided by foreign multinationals - foreign companies with a subsidiary in the Netherlands. Over all of the Netherlands, foreign multinationals account for 20 percent of the jobs in the Dutch business world, compared to 23 percent for Dutch multinationals.

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