FNV Bondgenoten

Dec 30 '14 14:05

The court in Utrecht ruled today that the Brinks Nederland employee strike may continue at this time.

Dec 30 '14 08:02

A number of consumers plan to withdraw extra money from ATM's because of the strike by workers of money transporters Brinks.

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Nov 10 '14 11:44

A gimmick of recruitment company that raffled Slovakian workers has been called tasteless and reeking of human trafficking.

Jul 30 '14 15:40

Dutch shop chain Hema no longer wants to pay employees for taking short breaks. According to a request of assent that the Hema has sent to the workers councils of bakeries, distribution centers and shop chains, breaks are to go the way of lunch hours, which Hema is already not paying for.

May 30 '14 11:41

Couriers for the United Parcel Service (UPS) in Amsterdam are striking today, they are protesting the lack of a good collective labour agreement in professional freight transport, according to union FNV Bondgenoten administrator Egon Groen, RTL Nieuws reports.

May 28 '14 08:14

Cleaners have been able to reach a deal for higher pay after week-long strikes and protests. Part of their new collective labour agreement also states that the first two days of their sick leave will be paid, according to union FNV Bondgenoten. The cleaners are expected to be back at work this evening or Thursday, the NOS reports.

Philip Morris
May 16 '14 15:09

The damage to the pensions of the 1230 employees who lost their jobs due to the closing of the Philip Morris (PM) factory in Bergen op Zoom runs into the hundreds of millions. This comes from unions on the basis of research they have had done, the Volkskrant reports.

An NS train waiting on the tracks (Photo: TahR78/Wikipedia)
May 5 '14 16:10

Cleaners have been on strike for two weeks, after several smaller actions before that. Employers' organization for cleaning companies, OSB, has invited trade unions for negotiations "to get out of the impasse." The main effect of the strike has been dirty trains.

Schiphol Cargo
Mar 18 '14 10:01

Employees at the cargo department of Schiphol are going on strike. Their employer, Aviapartner Cargo (APC) wanted to impose a lawsuit prohibiting the strike, but the judge ruled against it, FNV Bondgenoten announces.

Mar 11 '14 14:47

Steel concern 'Tata Steel' in IJmuiden is facing a potential prolonged strike period. The strike is supposed to start either Friday or Monday, according to Aad in 't Veld, chairman of union FNV Bondgenoten.

Sep 30 '13 08:15

The Oad bus company, which is part of the past week bankrupted Oad Group, is going to make a restart. That was announced by a spokesman of the curators on Sunday. Also SRC Culture Holidays, part of the Oad Group, gets a second life.

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