Evert S.

Tattoo Killers
Feb 6 '20 16:00

On Thursday the court acquitted four suspects of the murder of Onno Kuut in 2009. According to the court, there are many indications that the so-called "Tattoo killers" were involved in the 30-year-old man's murder, but not enough evidence to convict them, AD reports.

Tattoo Killers
Jan 23 '20 15:10

Cor P., a suspected member of the alleged murder-for-hire squad "Tattoo Killers", cut off his ankle monitor on Tuesday and is now on the run, the Public Prosecutor said on Thursday in a hearing against four suspected "Tattoo Killers". The squad derives its name from the large Chinese symbols its members have tattooed on their backs."He has disappeared," the Public Prosecutor said about the 38-year-old man, AD reports. 

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