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NL-Alert test message sent on 2 December 2019
Dec 2 '19 12:01

Around 12 million people in the Netherlands received an NL-Alert test message on their phones at noon on Monday. The message also appeared on hundreds of digital advertising signs, on public transit departure boards, and was accompanied by an air alarm.

The NL-Alert system is used by the government to inform the population about disasters and their area, and to give emergency instructions. The message is sent to cell phones in life threatening situtions. 

NL-Alert test message sent on 3 June 2019
Jun 3 '19 12:00

A new NL-Alert system was tested in the Netherlands at noon on Monday. Many people who were not aware of the test were confused by the alert suddenly popping up on their phone accompanied by an unusual ringtone. The alert should have been received at the same time as the country's monthly test of 4,283 air sirens that also serve to warn the public.

May 4 '15 11:44

There will be no warning sirens test on Monday due to the war Remembrance. The warning sirens are always tested at exactly 12:00 p.m. on the first Monday of each month, except on national or religious holidays.

Mar 24 '15 10:45

The sirens that sound on the first Monday of the month and when there is a disaster, will no longer be used after 2017, the Ministry of Security and Justice confirmed to RTL. "The sirens are no longer of this time", a ministry spokesperson said.

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