Dutch households

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Feb 7 '18 07:39

The average wealth of Dutch households increased by almost 10 percent in 2016, Statistics Netherlands reported on Wednesday based on new figures. This is mainly due to increasing house prices. Dutch without their own home did not see a wealth increase in that year, according to the stats office.

Nearly three in five households owned their home in 2016. An owned home formed the largest part of household's assets at 57 percent, followed by savings. Mortgage was also the largest debt item of Dutch households that year, making up 86 percent of the average household's debt. 

Dec 7 '15 09:29

An increasing number of Dutch households are blaming expensive healthcare and high rent for their debt problems. Compared to three years ago, these two items are much more commonly given as the cause of payment problems, according to the National Institute for Budget Information

Nov 25 '13 04:31

Dutch households are using increasingly less tap water annually, which is a result of the available techniques that help save water, according to the Association of water companies in the Netherlands, Vewin, Sunday.

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