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Dutch households are using increasingly less tap water annually, which is a result of the available techniques that help save water, according to the Association of water companies in the Netherlands, Vewin, Sunday.Data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) show that Dutch households used more than 800 million cubic meters of water in 2006, compared to 783 million cubic meters in 2011.  Most of the water goes down the toilet or the shower drain. The washing machine is the third biggest water guzzler in our homes.

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Examples of innovative inventions that help safe water are dishwashers, washing machines,  and shower heads that use less water and energy, according to a spokesperson for Vewin. The decrease of water usage is definitely not due to a change in mindset; people take longer shower more often. Campaigns like "Wees wijs met water " (be smart about water), were cancelled years ago, because they proved ineffective.

Surprisingly, the same applies to price changes, which also have almost no effect on water consumption. People think a price increase is an environmental measure.

Water usage is expected to keep decreasing in the future, as long as new techniques keep becoming available, and devices become increasingly more economical. CBS also anticipates water consumption to be individualized, for instance by using rain water of waste water to flush the toilet, according to the spokesperson.

This option would be effective in more than one way. During extreme rainfall the sewers often can't handle the water, but if homes could absorb the rain, it would prevent the streets from flooding, stated the spokesperson, without being able to indicate when this could be realized. First, they want to look at the possibilities in newly constructed quarters.