donor week

Oct 19 '16 09:48

For the first time ever more Dutch said "no" to being an organ donor during Donor week than "yes", the Ministry of Public Health Announced. And it wasn't even only one or two more in the no camp. A massive 87 percent of new registrations explicitly stated that the person does not want to be an organ donor.

Oct 16 '15 18:00

While 88 percent of Dutch people saying they want an organ transplant should they need one, only 26 percent say they are willing to donate their own organs, the Dutch Transplant Foundation stated on Friday. The organization is calling on citizens to step up and join the organ donation registry in light of the survey results.

Oct 12 '15 13:22

Organ donation week has been officially launched in the Corpus museum in Leiden on Monday. Donor week forms part of the campaign "Become a donor, what are you waiting for?"

Oct 20 '14 12:20

Far fewer people registered during Donor Week than last year.

Oct 17 '14 15:55

Research from EenVandaag among 20 thousand people shows that 61 percent are in favor of setting up a system where people are automatically registered as organ donors.

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Oct 14 '13 00:02

Train drivers are furious about a commercial from the Donor Week. It features a triathlete running across a closed railroad crossing in front of a train.

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