Anger about a donor commercial

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Train drivers are furious about a commercial from the Donor Week. It features a triathlete running across a closed railroad crossing in front of a train.The drivers of the FNV trade union, the union VVMC and NS Passengers are angry because many drivers just such 'near misses' with other road users . In this spot the maker seems to encourage it, according to a spokesperson for the FNV.

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The irony is that the film is made on behalf of the government, while simultaneously another campaign just started running about the risk of crossing a railroad crossing when the gates are closed, states the spokesperson. FNV Spoor has filed a complaint with the Advertising Code Committee.

VVMC director Eilert speaks of an absolute wrong signal. He will contact the Ministry of Health on Monday. He will also try to stop the broadcast.

The spot was directed by Dick Maas. At the end it turns out the triathlete is a man with a donor heart. He asks the viewers whether they are already donors.