disturbed man

Police officer and paramedic
May 17 '17 08:45

The police shot a seemingly disturbed man in the leg while arresting him in Capelle aan den IJssel on Tuesday night. The man was standing naked on a flat balcony on Reviusrondeel, shouting and throwing beer cans and other items to the ground, the police said in a statement.

Officers responded to Reviusrondeel around 10:00 p.m. after receiving reports of the naked man. At the scene the officers soon realized that the man could not be reasoned with. Trying to speak with him only resulted in the man pelting the police with beer cans and other items.

Jun 3 '16 13:26

A disturbed man claiming to have a bomb led to the mass evacuation of Rotterdam Central Station on Friday. The police stopped all train traffic, including subway traffic. The man was arrested with no explosives on him.

Aug 6 '15 17:10

A police SWAT team removed a disturbed man from his apartment on Kapelweg in Amersfoort on Thursday afternoon. The man refused to leave his home and the police were concerned that he might hurt himself.

Apr 27 '15 13:03

A disturbed man was arrested at the Town Hall in Dordrecht on Monday morning, where King Willem-Alexander and the royal family are attending the King's Day festivities.

De Telegraaf in Amsterdam
Feb 25 '15 08:38

A disturbed man found his way onto the editorial floor of De Telegraaf in Amsterdam yesterday afternoon. He was escorted out of the building by security and then taken away by the police. Police officers later the discovered that the man was carrying a knife.

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