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Mar 30 '18 09:09

A warehouse filled with vintage cars was destroyed in a fire in Kerkrade, Limburg on Friday morning. The fire department has the fire under control and is working on extinguishing it, AD reports.

The fire started around 5:30 a.m. in the warehouse on Wiebachstraat, near Parkstad Limburg Stadium. The cause of the fire is still unknown. No one was injured. The fire also spread to an adjacent tile store, but firefighters managed to save its showroom.

Jun 11 '14 18:20

More and more classic car owners go back to petrol and remove LPG systems to pay less tax, as shown in the statistical data collected by RDW. In recent years the number of vintage cars which owners have decided to remove LPG has increased in more than four times.

Ford Model T
May 1 '14 14:23

The industrial auction of the office equipment from the bankrupt travel organization Oad has raised €367,000. This amount could grow with some tens of thousands.

Jan 29 '14 13:11

A 46-year old man was held by police yesterday in Koningsbosch. The man is being held on charges of car- and cargo theft as well as laundering, and handling stolen goods.

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