baby body

Police guard in a detention center
Apr 26 '18 11:00

The police arrested a 33-year-old woman in an investigation into the death of a baby in Rotterdam. The woman is the mother of the 7-month-old boy, the police said in a statement.

The child was in Rotterdam-West on Wednesday morning. A mobile medical team was deployed to the scene, but the baby boy could not be saved.

Crime scene tape
Apr 25 '18 11:10

The body of a baby was found in a home on Mathenesserdijk in Rotterdam-West on Wednesday morning. The police are at the scene, AD reports.

At this stage nothing is known about the circumstances in which the baby died. According to the police, the child was 7 months old. 

The police closed down the area with crime scene tape. Forensic Investigators are also at the scene.

The parents of the child were in the home when the police arrived, according to AD. The father was taken to a police station for a statement. 

Police at an apartment building on Stationstraat in Schiedam where the body of a newborn baby was found on a second floor balcony, 7 April 2018
Apr 12 '18 14:30

The police arrested a 19-year-old woman from Schiedam on Wednesday night in connection with a deceased baby found in the city on Saturday. The on the balcony of a second floor apartment on Stationstraat.

Police officers question people on the Antoine Platekade in Rotterdam, where the body of a baby was found in a rubbish bag hidden among some bushes on 3 Aug 2017
Aug 30 '17 08:22

A in Rotterdam on August 3rd, has Asian roots, the police revealed on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday night. A DNA investigation revealed that the baby boy's mother originally came from Asia, though exactly where in Asia is not yet clear. "For the sake of clarity: the mother may live in the Netherlands, but has her roots in Asia", the police said. 

Police leave a note on the grave of a baby found dead in some bushes along the Sloterplas in June 2016, calling on the mother to come forward
Jun 8 '17 12:05

Exactly a year after the s in Amsterdam, the police are still trying to find out what happened to the newborn boy and who his parents are.

No image available
Dec 31 '14 12:59

The body of a newborn baby was found in the gallery of a flat in Breda yesterday. From traces found the police have determined that the mother may need medical attention.

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