Volkswagen Caddy crashed into De Telegraaf building on Basisweg in Amsterdam, 26 July 2018
Jun 26 '18 10:20

"A slap in the face of the free press and the Dutch democracy", Prime Minister Mark Rutte said about an incident in which a car crashed into the building of newspaper De Telegraaf on Basisweg in Amsterdam on Tuesday morning. He called it a "targeted action" on Twitter.

"Much is still unclear, but we are alert and vigilant and the police are doing everything in their power to catch the perpetrator(s)", Rutte said.

Dutch police sign
Aug 21 '17 14:40

An Audi RS5 burnt out under suspicious circumstances in the Utrecht neighborhood of Lombok during the early hours of Monday morning. The car was stolen from Berlicum late in December 2016. The police believe arson was involved, NOS reports.

Audi emblem
Oct 15 '15 10:20

A very exclusive, one of a kind, Audi race car was stolen in an armed robbery in Amsterdam on Tuesday night. The Audi RS6 DTM was being used for filming at the Piet Hein tunnel when the robbers threatened the owner and a cameraman with firearms and took off with the car.

Owner Douwe Leitner told broadcaster NOS that the robbers fired several shots into the air before they drove off at high speed. The car's keys are still in the owner's possession. The robbery happened at Kriterion, a gas station between the tunnel and the highway.

Sep 29 '15 14:05

A spokesperson from Pon’s, the company that imports Volkswagens (VW) into the Netherlands, told on Monday that it has stopped selling diesel cars with suspicious engines. The announcement was made in response to the emissions scam that has plagued VW in recent weeks, regarding their Euro 5 diesel engine type EA 189.

Nieuwegein armed invasion suspects
Sep 24 '15 15:15

The photos of five persons of interest possibly connected to a large weapons seizure over the summer may also be targets of an assassination plot, the Telegraaf reported on Thursday based on information from an anonymous source. Investigators discovered 60 handguns of various type, 36 automatic weapons, a sizable amount of ammunition and nine hand grenades at a warehouse in Nieuwegein this past July, police retold on their weekly television broadcast regarding ongoing criminal investigations.

Aug 12 '15 13:45

Volkswagen, Porsche, Bently, Seat and Audi car keys, among others, are easy to hack because the chip in the ignition key and the code in the immobilizer are not programmed properly. This involves the Megamos Crypto chip, which is installed in hundreds of thousands of cars in the Netherlands, and millions world wide.

no image
Apr 2 '15 10:13

VVD Parliamentarian Fred Teeven sustained a substantial head injury in a car accident in Wassenaar yesterday afternoon, De Telegraaf reports. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Audi A1 (Source: Wikimedia)
Aug 29 '14 15:31

Audi A1 (Source: Wikimedia)

no image
Jan 24 '14 14:02

The number of car thefts has gone up for the first time in ten years, according to the Foundation for Tackling Vehicle Crime (AVc). The foundations recorded 11,761 car thefts over the last year, 365 more than in 2012.

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