Audi drivers fined most often in NL: report

A survey done by insurance company Netpolis shows that Audi drivers commit the most traffic violations per year on average.

The results of the survey indicate that all participating Audi drivers received at least one fine per year for speeding. 45% of these Audi drivers said they have ran a red light. Netpolis also claims that 17% of the Audi drivers managed to be fined more than ten times per year. says that these results are questionable at best. Only 1081 people took part in this survey. Taking into consideration that 18 car brands were handled in the survey, a very small group of drivers represents each brand. also notes that no clarity was given on the number of drivers per brand that was accessed.

Some of the other questionable results found in the survey is that only Renault drivers ever tailgate and that Peugeot and Volkswagen drivers are never fined for their lights not working properly, reports.