Audi RS6 DTM racecar stolen in armed Amsterdam heist

A very exclusive, one of a kind, Audi race car was stolen in an armed robbery in Amsterdam on Tuesday night. The Audi RS6 DTM was being used for filming at the Piet Hein tunnel when the robbers threatened the owner and a cameraman with firearms and took off with the car.

Owner Douwe Leitner told broadcaster NOS that the robbers fired several shots into the air before they drove off at high speed. The car's keys are still in the owner's possession. The robbery happened at Kriterion, a gas station between the tunnel and the highway.

A burnt out van was found in the parking lot of the gas station. It is believed that the robbers had used this van, but that has not been confirmed yet.

According to Leitner, there is only one Audi RS6 DTM in the world and it is now in the hands of the robbers. The car is worth almost half a million euros and can reach speeds of more than 300 kilometers per hour.

"I feel terrible. As you may know, such a fast car is very popular with criminals. There is therefore a chance that it will be found somewhere burnt out."


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